Payment Summaries have changed

Last year’s introduction of Single Touch Payroll (STP) means that tax time this year will be a little different. Employers are now required to report pays, taxes and superannuation information directly to the ATO each payday through STP. Employers that do report this way will not have to give you a payment summary as they usually would at this time of year. Instead, employees will get an end-of-year income statement…  Read more

Qualified help is not free – Google is free and we all know where that leads

I know when you start a business finances are tight and every cent is watched like a hawk but if I had a dollar for every time I heard a startup say “I couldn’t afford an accountant so I just googled the answer…but I think I have stuffed it up…can you fix it” – well let’s just say I wouldn’t be sitting here at 9:05pm writing this blog post from…  Read more

Dear JB Hi-Fi – you are not accountants…don’t try to be

Clker-Free-Vector-Images / Pixabay Dear Mr JB Hi-Fi Firstly, congrats on a great range of laptops in your Airport West store. You see, this week my laptop decided to go to laptop heaven. So, in a mad Friday 3pm dash I did the rounds of technology shops. To be honest, I really don’t understand computer specifications, so I need to ask for advice and get help (and try not to get…  Read more

Hold onto your chequebooks….Budget 2015

  So now small business owners get a $20k tax deduction… But before you open up your chequebooks (or god forbid extend your debt) and buy that new item you previously didn’t know you needed with money you potentially don’t have….here are some things to consider. 1. The items in the Budget 2015 still have to get Royal Assent.  Meaning these anticipated changes are just that – anticipated.  So don’t…  Read more

End of Financial Year – is it the end or just the beginning?

In my case, I embrace 30 June as it means the new financial year is starting. This means time to reflect on my business, and my clients businesses over the past 12 months and make sure those plans we have made are implemented to ensure the new financial year kicks off with a BANG.
Having financial goals and budgets in place are imperative to hit the ground running and achieving success.

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